PowerBook 550c

Blackbird was Apple’s code name for a line of PowerBooks based on Motorola’s 68LC040 and 68040 processors. (The LC version draws less power and has no FPU.) The PowerBook 550c was available only in Japan. Differences from the rest of the 500-series include use of regular 68040 (not the stripped down 68LC040), a 750 MB […]

Power Mac 9500

Using the same case as the 9150, the 9500 (a.k.a. 9515) was the first Power Mac tower with a replaceable CPU daughter cards. Unlike the first generations Power Macs, the 9500 had PCI slots and used the PowerPC 604 processor, a significantly improved, second-generation PPC design.

Power Mac 6200 (Performa 6200)

The 75 MHz Power Macintosh 6200 (a.k.a. Performa 6200, 6205, 6210, 6214, 6216, 6218, 6220, and 6230!) was one of the first Macs to use the PowerPC 603 processor. Although the CPU was superior to the older 601, the computer architecture kept performance of the 6200 – and it’s built-in monitor twin, the 5200 – comparable to […]