Best Macs by CPU

Apple launched the Macintosh in 1984 with an 8 MHz 68000 CPU. When this list was published in April 1998, the fastest Mac was the 300 MHz Beige Power Mac G3. Here are Scott Barber’s picks as the best Macs from each CPU family Apple has used to date.

Motorola 68k CPUs

PowerPC CPUs

  • 601, 7500/100
  • 601+, None, all crap
  • 603, This is hard. There are only three models I really like at all: 6360, 6500, 5500. Clone manufacturers were better than a lot of Apple hardware, but we’re only talking about Apple
  • 604, 9500/200 from Apple, but the 7500/100 is still upgradable for far less, so I pick the 7500/100. Apple never made a fast motherboard, so I pick Power Computing’s PowerCenter Pro series because of its 60 MHz bus.
  • G3, my favorite G3 is a 7500/100 or a PowerCenter 150 or 180 with a G3 upgrade. When Apple makes something better, I’ll be sure to include it on the list.
Scott L. Barber <>
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Other Opinions on the Best Macs

Scott L. Barber first posted this to Quadlist, the listserv for users of 68040-based Macs. It is reprinted with his permission.

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