iMac, Trendsetter

1999 – When I first saw the original iMac, I knew that it would definitely be a trend setter, and definitely make a big iMpact on the world. I was right – the Bondi Blue Bombshell is definitely a trend setter, not only for other computers, but for many other things as well. Let’s review them.

Mac Happens

First, you obviously can see that the original iMac paved the way for the second Bondi Blue iMac and the new “fruit” colored iMacs. But this computer has also paved the way for all of Apple’s new computers.

Blue and White Power Mac G3The latest Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. This computer is the new Power Mac G3.

When you first look at the new Power Mac, you see iMmediately that it is not beige. It’s Blue and Ice! But the new G3 has even more of the iMac’s principals – it has USB ports (as well as others, including ADB), no floppy drive, no SCSI ports, and dynamic ROM (don’t worry what that is, it’s a geek term).

But computers aren’t all the iMac has iMpacted. It has impacted even more. A few weeks ago I was browsing eBay to see if they had any good deals on vintage Mac parts. I saw an ad for an iMac clock. I was a bit skeptical, so I checked it out. It was indeed an iMac clock. It was Bondi Blue! But this clock was not made by or endorsed by Apple.

Also, while browsing the Web I saw a site for a place in Japan that would let you send in your Gameboy. Then they would take apart your Gameboy and replace the case with a Bondi Blue and Ice case! Obviously, this service was not sponsored by Apple or Nintendo.

Lastly, I was at a store a few weeks ago and I heard a beeper. I looked over and saw a man looking at his beeper. His beeper was not plain black – as you can probably guess by now, it was Bondi Blue! I later found out that this beeper was just a coincidence, and, in fact, was made before the iMac came out. But it was still funny.

So, what will be next? Bondi Blue and Ice toasters? Bondi Blue and Ice cars? Or maybe Bondi Blue and Ice underwear? We’ll just have to wait.

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