Is a Used Power Mac 6100 a Good Value in 1999?

The Power Mac 6100s these days are getting cheaper and cheaper. What are some good uses for them as a secondary computer?

Power Mac 6100Power Users: The Power Mac 6100 is a special machine because it has a PowerPC processor, while at the same time it has a cheap price tag (sometimes under $199). If you do any kind of rendering (audio, video, graphics), the 6100 is perfect for the job if you do not need the final product right away and don’t want to give up your main Mac. The Power Mac 6100 also features onboard ethernet to transfer your finished products back to your main computer(s).

The 6100/60 has just enough processing power to run MP3s without problems, and it makes a great personal jukebox without taking up the processing power on your main Mac. If you get a 6100 with a CD-ROM, you could use it as a simple CD player or use it to burn audio and data CDs with a CD-R drive. This frees up your main machine to surf the Web and play video games.

The 6100 makes a great small business or home Apple file server. It also runs well as a low-hit Web server. If you have been wanting to try out Linux on the Mac, you can pick up a 6100 and install MkLinux.

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