Replacing the Hard Drive in a Mac IIcx, IIci, or Quadra 700

The Macintosh IIcx, IIci, and Quadra 700 share the same case design, and some users have found it a challenge removing the hard drive.

That’s a shame, because the IIcx was designed for ease of construction. Apple demonstrated assembling one from part in under two minutes, if I recall correctly.

You can use any standard 3.5″ half-height or third-height SCSI hard drive in these computers.

Step 1

hard drive

Remove the lid. There are two tabs at the back of the lid. Pull up on them, which releases the lid.

Step 2

Locate the hard drive. It’s hard to miss.

Step 3

grab the tabs

Locate the metal tabs on each side of the hard drive. Grab it with your thumb and middle finger (or whatever feels most comfortable for you).

Step 4

Lift up the sled holding the hard drive. Disconnect the power and SCSI cables.

Step 5

lift the sled holding the drive

Turn the sled over. You’ll see 4 screws holding the drive in place. Remove them and the drive will come free.

Step 6

Attach your new drive to the sled. Connect the SCSI and power cables. Clip the sled back into place.

Step 7

Put the lid back on your Mac.

That’s all there is to it.

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