Getting a Modem for an Older Power Mac

2000 – I recently got a Power Mac from a friend (it’s a 1994 model PowerPC). It was apparently on the network before I received it. It says it has an internal modem, but all I see is a modem port on the back of the computer without the RJ-11 (phone line) connector. How can I get the modem to work so I can get this computer running to its fullest potential?

Mac serial ports

DIN-8 Mac serial ports.

Without knowing the model number of the computer you have (only the Power Mac 6100, 7100, and 8100 were available in 1994), I think that at this point it is quite safe to say that you don’t have a modem inside your computer. What you found on the back is a serial port that has been labeled for use with a modem. That serial port is ready and waiting to have an external modem plugged in, but it is not a modem itself.

56k US Robotics modemThere are lots of good places to pick up Macintosh modems. Without pledging allegiance to any particular brand or retailer, I have had good luck with eBay, Mac Connection, and OnSale, as well as several others. eBay and OnSale are both auction sites, with OnSale primarily handling new and refurbished merchandise.

Finally, I’d recommend not buying anything slower than a 33.6 modem. Modems are inherently pretty slow, and it’s my guess that you don’t want to spend the bulk of your computer time waiting for web pages to load.

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