Think Smarter? Just the Advice Gateway Needs

2002: Gateway is not exactly a PC company that anyone envies. Right off the bat, the company seemed to have a really unusual (to put it gently) way of selling computers. After all, how many retail outlets would let you try something on – and then make you wait while it came in the mail? And this is the company telling potential customers to “Think Smarter”?

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The irony is not subtle here. Gateway, once reasonably respectable in the consumer market, has fallen far in the last two years. Hit hard by the slowdown in computer purchases, Gateway has had to revamp its image and system of selling computers quickly – otherwise, Dell would have rolled it over and picked its pockets.

That could still happen.

iMac G4On the other side of the coin, Apple has had something of a renaissance over the same period. Earnings have remained on the plus side (except for one niggling quarterly loss) in the last few years. Apple’s marketing has been extremely successful. New products have been rolling off the line pretty consistently. And the Apple stores appear to be doing well.

It’s pretty clear that Apple is continuing to build a strong company while Gateway is floundering about trying to get out of the red.

So who’s smarter?

Ironic as well that Gateway exhorts the consumer to “Think Smarter” while showing very little creative ability. Surely thinking smarter would mean coming up with your own, unique ads rather than parroting the competition? Building a bit of marketing muscle without riding the competitions coattails through mimicry might also be a “smarter” approach.

Gateway Profile 4

Gateway Profile 4

But on to the meat; is the Profile 4 a real threat to Apple’s iMac?

No, not really.

The Profile 4 is a nice enough machine on the outside, I suppose. The problem is that it’s pretty mundane – not mundane according to PC standards, mind you, just mundane by Apple standards.

20th Anniversary MacIsn’t this something like the 20th Anniversary Mac? And isn’t the “upright design with everything crammed behind the monitor” the same design rejected by Apple when Jony Ive created the new iMac design*

On the design front, there’s not much new and exciting.

Everything else in the campaign has a certain amount of spin about it as well. Simplistic tests, misleading comparisons, and skewed pricing information all point to the fact that, quite simply, pound for pound, the iMac is a better deal.

I suspect that Gateway is banking on that great marketing wisdom that works so well in North America: “Consumers don’t read past the headline.”

That fact is really the only thing that Apple should be worrying about when it comes to Gateway.

“Think Smarter” indeed.

* Jony Ive wanted that kind of design, but Steve Jobs didn’t. When Apple introduced the iMac G5 in August 2004, we got the design Ive had wanted all along.

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