iPod with Color Display

Apple phased out black-and-white full-sized iPods in June 2005 with the introduction of the iPod with Color Display, which replaced both the 4G iPod and the iPod photo.

No Need to Worry about Apple’s Switch to Intel

2005 – Switching the Macintosh platform to Intel x86 processor architecture is not a panacea, but Apple’s adoption of Intel processors should not be a major source of headaches – except for the eventual lack of support for Classic Mode on Intel-based Macs.

How Jean Louis Gassée Changed the Mac’s Direction

Jean Louis Gassée has proven to be one of the most effective managers in the computer industry. He propelled Hewlett Packard to the forefront of the computer industry in Europe, managed Apple’s new products division during the Sculley era, and served as the CEO at Be. Most recently, he has become the CEO at PalmSource […]

Apple Selling Intel-Based Macs? Don’t Count on It

Update: Just hours before Apple announced it would switch Macs to Intel x86 CPUs, we argued that it would make no sense for Apple to do so. Thanks to dual-core technology and a great PowerPC emulator, Apple was able to make the transition far more smoothly than we would have believed. Would you expect less […]