Apple Before the Mac

Apple began selling its first computer in July 1976. Apple Before the Mac looks at the Apple II and Apple III era that predate the Mac.

Jason Walsh is a journalist living in Ireland. He has written for the Guardian, the Independent, Macworld, and Wired News. He has also written many articles for Low End Mac covering the Mac era.

  • The Ill-fated Apple III, 2005.01.05. “…not only was the Apple III mind crunchingly expensive, it was made with none of the passion of the Apple II or Macintosh.”
  • Jef Raskin, the Visionary Behind the Mac, 2005.01.19. “I avoided the supposed “visionaries” in the company who could not understand my idea but presented a business case: People would buy a product that they could readily and happily use.”
  • The Apple IIGS, Apple’s Home Computer for 1986, Jason Walsh, Apple Before the Mac, 2005.02.16. Believing Apple II users demanded color and would avoid the Macintosh, Apple created a 16-bit version of the popular Apple II computer.

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