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Apple introduced the 5th generation (5G) iPod touch with the same 4″ widescreen Retina Display as the iPhone 5. The newest Touch has a dual-core A5 processor and comes in 32 and 64 GB capacities.

5G iPod touch

5G iPod touch

The 4th generation (4G) iPod touch is available in a 16 GB configuration. It has the same Retina Display and A4 processor as the iPhone 4. The big differences: a metal back, no mobile phone, no 3G wireless connectivity, no assisted GPS, and no digital compass.

In 2011, the iPod touch was virtually unchanged, except for a $30 price reduction on the 8 GB model and the availability of a white version. And it ships with iOS 5, which is free and can be installed on any 3G or 4G iPod touch.

2010 4G iPod touch

2010 4G iPod touch

iOS 4.3.5 is available for the 3G and 4G iPod touch for free. It is not compatible with the original iPod touch or 2G model, but it supports all later models.

The original iPod touch can be upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 for $9.95 through the iTunes Store. The original iPod touch will then match most of the capabilities of the 2G model.

The iPod touch (often referred to as the iTouch) brings most of the iPhone’s functionality to the iPod line, and you don’t lose much beyond the phone and higher resolution camera. The iPod touch even looks a lot like the iPhone.

Because of the breadth of the iPod line, we have four iPod price trackers: one for classic iPods, one for the iPod touch, one for the nano, and one for the shuffle.

Multiple vendors are listed when within one dollar of lowest price.

Best Used Prices

  • see PowerMax listings below

Best Close-out Prices

Prices includes free shipping. All else being equal, Low End Mac earns more when you buy through

  • 4G/16 GB, $255,
  • 4G/32 GB, $263,
  • 4G/64 GB, $425,

Best New Prices

Prices includes free shipping. All else being equal, Low End Mac earns more when you buy through

  • 5G/16 GB, $219, MacMall
  • 5G/32 GB, $279, B&H
  • 5G/64 GB, $365, B&H

Unless otherwise noted, there is no surcharge for credit card purchases, and shipping is often (but not always) included – and sometimes free after a mail-in rebate. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

Factory refurbished items carry an Apple one year warranty and are eligible for AppleCare. Store refurbished items may vary. Prices may be limited to quantity on hand. Not responsible for typos. Please email any corrections or additional sources with competitive prices to .

Buying through some of these links benefits Low End Mac. Buying at these prices benefits you.

New, Open Box, and Demo

b = black. w = white, bl = blue, p = pink, y = yellow, bs = black & silver. Prices include free ground shipping.

Amazon B&H MacMall Walmart
4G iPod touch
16 GB b $254.98w $259
32 GB b $274w $262.95
64 GB b $424.95w $429.48
5G iPod touch
16 GB bs $228 $228 $218.99 $229
32 GB b $339.95w $299.99bl $299.99,
p $296.91y $299
$279 $288.99 from $279
64 GB b $429.95w $399.99bl $399,
p n/ay $389
$364.95 $384.99 out of stock

Whether an online vendor collects sales tax for one jurisdiction or another depends on a number of factors. The following information was collected from From Amazon to Zappos: A Listing of Sales Tax Online. This information is subject to change.

  • has a wide selection of iPod touch accessories. collects sales tax on orders shipped to AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MA, MI, MN, NV, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV, and WI.
  • MacMall collects sales tax on orders shipped to CA, IL, MN, TN, and WI.
  • Walmart allows you to order online for in-store pickup or free delivery to store – not to your home or work address. Walmart collects sales tax in all jurisdictions.

Used iPod touch

Used iPods are covered by a store warranty and are not eligible for AppleCare.


“We don’t include earbuds with pre-owned iPods because, well, frankly, do you really want to stick someone else’s earbuds in your ear?”

  • used 2G/8 GB, $53.95
  • used 4G/8 GB, $89.95
  • used 1G/16 GB, $65.95
  • used 2G/32 GB, faulty Bluetooth, $106.95
  • used 2G/32 GB, $117.95
  • used 3G/32 GB, $148.95
  • used 4G/32 GB, $164.95
  • used 3G/64 GB, $171.95
  • used 4G/64 GB, $208.95

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