Quadra and Centris Index

This index covers desktop Macs based on the 68040 CPU. This includes all Centris and Quadra models, plus some LCs and Performas.

Further Reading

  • As of 2001.07.16, Apple Computer considers the Centris 610 and Quadra 610 obsolete in the United States – and 2001.07.23 in Canada. As of that date, service parts and documentation were no longer available from Apple.
  • Advice: Options for ‘040 Macs, Adam Robert Guha, Apple Archive, 2000.06.05. Advice about operating systems, upgrades, what Quadra to choose, and more.
  • Advice: Games for ‘040 Macs, Low End Mac Gaming, Brian Rumsey, 2000.02.25. This week Brian looks at games to play on 68040-based Macs.
  • Advice: Gaming on ‘040 Macs, Brian Rumsey, Low End Mac Gaming, 2000.02.16. Those old 68040-class Macs still have game.
  • Subscribe to Vintage Macs, our groups for users of 68040-based and earlier Macs.
  • 68040-based Macs can use the HFS+ file system that comes with Mac OS 8.1, but they cannot boot from an HFS+ disk or use one for virtual memory.
  • Drive Setup now supports many third-party hard drives. We’re maintaining a compatibility list.
  • RAM Charger from Jump Development ($40) lets you get the most out of your RAM – especially helpful on Macs with 8 MB or less. By launching applications using the minimum amount of memory they need, RAM Charger lets you run more programs. It also works well with RAM Doubler. You can even download a demo.

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