DayStar Turbo 601 PowerPC Processor Upgrade for 68030 PDS Macs

The DayStar Turbo 601 provides full PowerPC 601 performance and compatibility – it even provides faster performance for 680×0-based applications. The Turbo 601 was available in 66 MHz and 100 MHz versions for the Mac IIci, Mac IIsi, and Mac IIvi/IIvx/Performa 600.

DayStar Turbo 601 for 68030 PDSSome users have managed to get the Turbo 601 working in a Mac SE/30. This requires transplanting Mac IIsi or Mac IIfx ROMs and the Mac IIsi adapter for the Turbo 601 card.

From the original DayStar page:

MacUser says, “Turn your Mac IIci into a PowerPC screamer with the DayStar Turbo 601 upgrade.” According to MacUser, the Turbo 601 is “a bargain” that runs “as much as 11 times as fast as a Mac IIci without an upgrade.”

The Turbo 601 works with all your current software, because unlike the Power Mac, it gives you the “best of both worlds.” Just restart, and you can switch back to your 68030.

The Turbo 601 lets you maintain your investment in your desktop Mac. It’s easy to install, includes a 256K cache, and works with all the PowerPC compatible expansion cards in your current system. Just plug it into your PDS slot, and you’re PowerPC ready!


  • CPU: 66 MHz or 100 MHz PowerPC 601
  • Cache: 256 KB
  • Requires System 7.5 to 7.6.1

Part Numbers

  • For Macintosh IIci
    66 MHz Turbo 601, part no. 001213
    100 MHz Turbo 601, part no. 001220
  • For Macintosh IIsi (includes PDS Adapter)
    66 MHz Turbo 601, part no. 001305
    100 MHz Turbo 601, part no. 01138
  • For Macintosh IIvx, IIvi, and Performa 600
    66 MHz Turbo 601, part no. 001275
    100 MHz Turbo 601, 01107

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