Low End Mac’s Compleat Guide to Our Compleat Guides

No, it isn’t a typo. Compleat is a legitimate, albeit archaic, spelling for complete. As Kenneth G. Wilson says in The Columbia Guide to Standard American English: “This obsolete spelling of the adjective complete suggests an air of antiquity that seems to please some of those who name things….” We find that fitting for Low End Mac’s guides to “obsolete” hardware and software.

Low End Mac’s Compleat Guides are meant to provide a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, guide to “obsolete” Macs and software. They are listed in roughly chronological order for the hardware covered.

G3 and G4 Macs

Intel Macs

Mac OS

  • Low End Mac’s Compleat Guide to Mac OS 9, Charles W Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings. Mac OS 9 remains fast and stable, but Classic software hasn’t kept up with the changing internet. Which Macs support OS 9, where to buy it, and how to update to 9.2.2.

Other Hardware

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