After the project: Using a modified 2006 24″ iMac in 2023

From one configuration to another, 2 processor transitions apart. It’s been a month since the 24″ 2006 iMac in my possession has been modified, being turned into a sort of CustoMac. With an external display modified into the Mac itself, along with a newer graphics card, operating system, and all of the smaller components required […]

Using the Hi-Res PowerBook G4 in Late 2023

Nearly 20 years ago in October 2005, Apple released the Hi-Res PowerBook G4, in a 15″ and 17″ variant. These were named as such, as the base screen resolution which shipped with PowerBooks were increased dramatically. On the 15″ PowerBook G4, the screens jumped from (1280 x 854) to (1440 x 960), and for the […]