Stone Flecked Classic

This mod has been popular for a few years: Taking an old compact Mac, disassembling it, and applying a Stone Fleck finish to the case. In this instance, MacCollect has refinished a Macintosh Classic, although neither this reduced photo nor any on the MacCollect site really does it justice. You really have to see the […]

Ze PowerSuitcase

Bernard Bélanger’s PowerSuitcase (also in French) is quite a bit different from most CustoMacs: It doesn’t even look like a computer.

The Compubrick 160

Tom Owad likes repackaging Macs with toy bricks.* The Compubrick 160 takes a PowerBook 160 and converts it into a very compact desktop computer. In fact, Tom says the design was inspired by Apple’s Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM).

The Bronze SE/30

From January 1984 through April 1987, all Macs were beige. Then Apple introduced “platinum,” a more business-like gray. That wasn’t enough, as we all discovered with the iMac in May 1998.