Back to the Mac: OS X Is Unix

Over the last several months, the home network has fallen into something of a state of disarray. The OpenBSD file server was rooted with an ssh exploit sometime ago resulting in random outbound IRC connections, and the OpenBSD router forwarded its last packet some weeks ago due to a barrage of software and hardware issues.

Gaming on a Mac Revisited

2001: One year and four months ago, I shared my impressions of how the Macintosh stacks up against the PC in regards to gaming. That was around the time when Quake III Test was out, and I was still toying with my Quadra 605.

Introduction to Unix: The Buzz Words

2001: I am sure that people are getting tired of hearing about multithreading, symmetrical multiprocessing, memory management, and preemptive multitasking. How is it really going to affect you, the Macintosh user, under Mac OS X, when you just want to read Low End Mac, check your email, and write a document.

Blame It on Mac OS

2001: A friend and I were having a “Mac OS stinks” discussion one day when, for once, he brought up a valid point on why the Mac OS does, in fact, stink: When you hold down the mouse button, the whole operating system comes to halt. Should anything interactive be running when you do that, […]

Installing LinuxPPC 2000

2000: Since I have been banging away at LinuxPPC like a madman day and night for the last few weeks, I thought it would be nice to share how to actually get a LinuxPPC system up and running. It is unclear how many articles I am going to do in this series, but there are […]

AirPort Beats Wires

2000: When wireless networking first starting coming on the scene, I was very against it. All sorts of bizarre ways were coming out to make my PC access my network wirelessly. I remember the idea of using your power outlets as some sort of conductor to carry the signals and achieving about one megabit per […]

Trade-offs for Mac OS X Beta

2000: I seem to be experiencing a bit of déjà vu lately in regards to Mac OS X Beta and everything that surrounds it. It reminds me of when Windows NT came out – everyone was trying to figure out what to make of it. While technically superior to Windows 95, there were many trade-offs […]

The One-Year Metamorphosis

2000.09.27: When I first started Mac Metamorphosis, I wasn’t quite sure how far this would go. The idea came to me when I was daydreaming at work and surfing all the Mac-oriented websites.

Software Piracy and the Mac

2000: In the age of broadband Internet access, pirated software (or “warez,” as it’s called) is easier than ever to obtain and use. Many users these days are getting DSL or cable internet and have CD burners, which is all you need to get and use warez from the Internet.

Linux for PowerPC

2000: Linux and I have had a love-hate relationship since early 1996. Boot magazine (now Maximum PC) included Debian Linux with one of its 1996 issues. OS/2 was becoming a lost cause, and I had just gotten my first network administrator gig. While strong with Windows NT, my Unix skills were still muttering back then.

Mac OS X Server 1.2

2000: It is amazing how time flies when you move from New York to California. Soon after my previous article, I purchased a car and drove cross-country to California via the Bible Belt. While the Bible Belt is not my lifestyle of choice, I have always been fascinated by it.

Boycott Microsoft?

2000: In my previous article I discussed why I think Microsoft products for the Macintosh should be viewed and reviewed in an unbiased manner. Since that article, Mr. Bob Allis has commented (The Mac-Files: On Boycotts) about my article and offered his opinion regarding why a Microsoft boycott would be sanctioned and supported.

Supporting the Cause or Arrogance?

2000: I have been reading on many of the Macintosh-oriented websites and magazines how people are removing all Microsoft software on their Macs. Some columnists boast about how they are very proud not to be running the “Evil Empire’s” software. The writers say that their Microsoft software crashes very often, and others say that they […]

AppleShare IP Woes

2000: The name of this article was supposed to be “AppleShare IP vs. Windows NT”. However, in the last few weeks, I have had many problems with just getting AppleShare IP (ASIP) running.

DSL Lines and Cupertino Apples

2000: This week my DSL line is being put in. It has been a very long wait for me to get high-speed Internet service at home. This couldn’t be happening at a better time because when I quit my MIS Director’s job I gave up my T1 exploitation rights.

Praises, Complaints, News, and More

2000: I left off last time blasting CompUSA for their antics, and I received a lot of interesting emails (mostly from CompUSA store owners) commenting about how my remarks were “unprofessional” and “insulting.”

Mac Shopping at CompUSA

2000: My week started out with me deciding to upgrade to Mac OS 8.5. I hadn’t heard of too many problems with 8.5 running on a SuperMac S900. The only question that remained was where to find it because it is out of print.

The S900 Chronicles

2000: This has turned into something of an interactive article. Everything in black was written by Eric. The blue text contains my comments as an S900 owner. Dan Knight, publisher Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was my SuperMac S900.

New Years Rant

1999 started out on a real high note for me. I had a finally achieved the rank of MIS director, and with doing that I had finally reached my goal to be considered a serious player in the computer industry.


1999: In my previous article I stated that I would use a Macintosh full time for my day-to-day tasks. One thing that is preventing me from doing so is that my Quadra 605 just doesn’t give me the power that I need.

Mac User For a Month #5: Long Live Apple

1999: The biggest excuse for a PC user to avoid the Macintosh is, “Mac’s are for desktop publishing, and I don’t do that.” The real reason your average PC user doesn’t use a Macintosh is that it isn’t all around them. People adapt to and accept what they are surrounded by. Sadly, that is Microsoft […]

Mac User For a Month #4: Reassessment

1999: This has been a very interesting month for this Mac user, and it has left me a bit culture shocked. This war between Apple and Microsoft/Intel is getting very ugly, and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. Both sides are insisting they have the better platform – and will do so until […]

Mac User For a Month #3: Gaming on a Mac

1999: Some people fish, others play golf, and I play computer games. Being that I am single, live alone, and have an anti-responsibility rule in my lease, I spend a lot of my free time playing games. I am not just any gamer – I am a “die-hard” gamer.

Mac User For a Month #1

1999: Basic training is over, and it’s time to put my newly acquired skills to the test. As the title suggests, I am going to be a 100% Mac user for one month. I am unsure of what the results are going to be, but I am really looking forward to this. An old colleague […]

Simplicity Is Key

1999: Extensions, System Folders, ROMs – such simple things to the average Mac user. However, to the PC user, they can become your worst nightmare. At first.

Accession to Mac OS 8.1

1999: Working with the Macintosh has proven harder than I thought it would be. Having to relearn such minuscule tasks as adding drivers, changing settings, and adding new hardware have all taken their toll on me. After many nights that I should have spent sleeping, several cups of coffee, and an ashtray full of butts, […]

The Beginning of the End

1999: I am a PC user. I’ve been one professionally for about six years. Working on PCs has truly been bliss, I so enjoyed maintaining them, tweaking them, and making them run efficiently. Throughout the years, I have moved up through the ranks very quickly. I started out as a technician and am now working […]