Koji Igarashi Brings Next Masterpiece to the Mac via Steam

For the first time on the Mac (via Steam), gamers will be finally getting the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy a new release title, alongside console gamers from the legendary team of director Koji Igarashi (affectionately known simply as IGA by fans) and master composer Michiru Yamane. For those not fully aware of these two Japanese […]

Gaming on a Mac Revisited

2001: One year and four months ago, I shared my impressions of how the Macintosh stacks up against the PC in regards to gaming. That was around the time when Quake III Test was out, and I was still toying with my Quadra 605.

Mac User For a Month #3: Gaming on a Mac

1999: Some people fish, others play golf, and I play computer games. Being that I am single, live alone, and have an anti-responsibility rule in my lease, I spend a lot of my free time playing games. I am not just any gamer – I am a “die-hard” gamer.