Using Outlook Express 5, Part 3

2001 – Welcome to the third and final segment of this Outlook Express (OE) tutorial. We went through the most important features of OE in parts 1 and 2. To put the icing on the cake, let’s examine a bunch of convenient features available at your fingertips. They are mostly useful to personalize OE or […]

Using Outlook Express 5, Part 2

2001 – Last week, we went through the basics of Outlook Express (OE). Now it is time for slightly more complex operations to take advantage of the power that begs to be used. In this case, more complexity means more power. OE has a variety of tools that make importing, filtering, and sorting easy. They […]

Using Outlook Express 5, Part 1

2001 – Outlook Express (OE) 5 is the default email application for Macintosh when you install any recent Mac OS. Despite the fact that many folks choose Eudora, Claris Emailer, PowerMail, and other capable clients, many stick with OE since it is free and it satisfies them.

Praises, Complaints, News, and More

2000: I left off last time blasting CompUSA for their antics, and I received a lot of interesting emails (mostly from CompUSA store owners) commenting about how my remarks were “unprofessional” and “insulting.”