Net Neutrality: Who Wins?

Under the Trump regime, there’s a move afoot to end Net Neutrality, something the Obama administration championed. Everything supported by Obama seems to be subject to reversal in the current political climate. Net Neutrality should not be one of them.

Boycott Microsoft?

2000: In my previous article I discussed why I think Microsoft products for the Macintosh should be viewed and reviewed in an unbiased manner. Since that article, Mr. Bob Allis has commented (The Mac-Files: On Boycotts) about my article and offered his opinion regarding why a Microsoft boycott would be sanctioned and supported.

Microsoft: Playing to Win

1998: Bill Gates plays for keeps. He always has. And, DOJ permitting, he always will. I’m not a Microsoft basher. I’ve used their BASIC, DOS, Word, and Excel. My favorite web font is Verdana, a font Microsoft owns and makes freely available on its website.