The Rise of the Microsoft Monopoly

Is Microsoft a monopoly? Has Microsoft been guilty of monopolistic behavior? These are questions we’ve been asking for well over a decade, and the subject surfaced again this week [mid March 2008] after the US Supreme Court cleared the way for Novell to file an antitrust case against the Redmond behemoth over the way WordPerfect […]

Microsoft’s Near Slap on the Wrist

2002: I always find spin amusing. Microsoft’s victory last week sends pretty clear messages that are being spun every which way. The following is a list of messages I gleaned from the ruling.

Microsoft: Playing to Win

1998: Bill Gates plays for keeps. He always has. And, DOJ permitting, he always will. I’m not a Microsoft basher. I’ve used their BASIC, DOS, Word, and Excel. My favorite web font is Verdana, a font Microsoft owns and makes freely available on its website.