Downgrading the OS: Newer Is Not Always Better

In my school and district, we are beset with the many problems associated with an aging fleet of Power Mac 5200s. The 5200, an all-in-one design, contains design flaws described elsewhere on Low End Mac. Suffice to say they are slow, crash a lot, and don’t do anything particularly well (although they are okay at […]

The S900 Chronicles

2000: This has turned into something of an interactive article. Everything in black was written by Eric. The blue text contains my comments as an S900 owner. Dan Knight, publisher Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was my SuperMac S900.

Setting Up a Power Mac 6100

Five years ago, my employer was spending about $3,600 for a Power Mac 6100/66 with 16 MB of memory (so much!) and a 230-500 MB hard drive. And Apple’s extended keyboard, which was a separate item back then. And an Apple 14″ color monitor.

Mac OS 8.6: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

1999.10: An old saying goes, “If it’s free, it probably is too good to be true.” After a few months of using Mac OS 8.6, Apple’s new, free upgrade to the Mac’s operating system, I believe that this saying is holding true.

Mac OS 8.6 Makes iMac More Stable

1999 – You yell as your iMac running Mac OS 8.5 crashes again. You’re getting tired of your iMac crashing many times a day. You also think the only way to stop it is to throw it out the window – but there is another solution.

Lombard PowerBook G3

The 1999 version of the PowerBook G3 (a.k.a. Bronze Keyboard and Lombard) was announced on 1999.05.10 and reached stores by the end of the month. At nearly two pounds lighter and 20% thinner than the PowerBook G3 Series, toting Lombard was easier than any PowerBook since the 4.4 lb. 2400.