AppleShare IP Woes

2000: The name of this article was supposed to be “AppleShare IP vs. Windows NT”. However, in the last few weeks, I have had many problems with just getting AppleShare IP (ASIP) running.

AppleShare 3

1999 – There’s been a fair bit of interest in AppleShare 3 thanks to some articles on this site. Although long discontinued, it is possible to find copies of AppleShare 3 (be sure to get the 3.03 updater from Apple). And for the small network, it may be an ideal solution.

AppleShare Supported Platforms

1994 – AppleShare currently comes in three flavors: AppleShare 3.0, AppleShare 4.0, and AppleShare Pro. They differ in performance and platform. AppleShare 4.0 is designed to take advantage of 68040-based Macs, and AppleShare Pro utilizes the specialized hardware and operating environment of the Apple Workgroup Server 95. All three flavors have the same security features.