Deodorizing a Stinky Old iBook that Smells Like Sweat

My previous article, A Stinky Old iBook that Smells Like Sweat, prompted a fair bit of email. Low End Mac’s publisher, Dan Knight, had requested that owners of stinky iBooks contact him with the specifics of their ‘Books so he could provide some meaningful consumer data. Six readers checked in, and he compiled what data he […]

A Stinky Old iBook that Smells Like Sweat

Last time, I discussed my purchase of a used Dual USB G3 iBook (see eBay No Longer Your Best Source for Low-end Macs). When the iBook arrived, I unpacked it from its tight bubble wrap cocoon, pushed the latch button, and opened it. Immediately, my olfactory sense was stimulated in an astonishingly negative way.

Handiapped Website Strives to Empower the Handicapped

Frank Petrie is a reviewer and web designer with Multiple Sclerosis. He starts his welcome page at by saying, “This site is for those of us who have, or will have, bits dropping off.” One assumes that this is meant to be taken figuratively as well as literally.