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11 December 1999 - Daniel Knight

A quick look back at some of this week's content on Low End Mac.

Monday Blues, Steve Wood, View From the Classroom, 12/6

One computer refusing to start can ruin your whole week. I'm sure this week has been better than last. Look for a new View From the Classroom on Monday - I expect Steve to have better news to share.

Designing a computer room, Dan Knight, Low End Mac, 12/6

Factors to consider in creating your personal workspace. It's not just how big things are. Part two should be up on Monday.

Future Computing E-Power page hacked, 12/6

It's evidently the work of a Macintosh fan unimpressed by the iMac look-alike. We're even less impressed with the savvy of Future Computing USA. The page was hacked a second time during the week, and finally removed after it had been up for 3-4 days!

Holiday decorations, Evan, Mac Happens, 12/7

You decorate your home for the holidays, so why not decorate your Mac, too? Evan's suggestions include colored Christmas lights and more.

Megahertz really does matter (outside the Mac community), Rodney O. Lain, Things Macintosh, 12/8.

Repeat after me: Megahertz really does matter. It's one of those perception/reality things. In reality, the G4 kicks. But the perception is that megahertz is the primary indicator of a computer's power.

DVD and the Mac, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 12/9

In which I point out that a DVD player and TV usually makes for a better viewing experience than playing DVDs on one's computer. Also read DVD and the Mac: Feedback.

Cat-lovers, Dog-lovers, and Computer Platforms, Charles W Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings, 12/10

We don't just think different; we are different. Thought provoking article about the difference between PC users and Mac fans.

Where Are the Rumor Sites?, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 12/10.

When I wrote this, Think Secret was missing in action, while AppleInsider hadn't been updated since December 1. AppleInsider posted new rumors yesterday, Think Secret is suffering server problems but hopes to resume soon, and we've launched The Rumor Mill, our own take on rumors.

Internet-Poor With You Always, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 12/11

I'm still trying to figure this one out. Bill Clinton can't be reelected, so maybe he's doing this as a favor to the Gore campaign. But it still doesn't make sense to me.

New PowerBook in January, The Rumor Mill, 12/11

Debut of our new rumor site and writer Anne Onymus. A good poke at the other rumor sites, John Dvorak, the iBook, and a few other easy targets.

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