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SETI@home Weekly Update

May 19, 2000 - Dan Knight

SETI@home turned one year old on Wednesday, May 11. As of this morning, there are 2,011,678 users. Between us we have completed over 122 million work units. We are currently averaging 15.96 TeraFLOPs/sec.

Macs have contributed almost 10% of the total at 12.1 million units, 11.3 million of those under the Mac OS and 0.8 million using other operating systems.

Team Art Bell should pass the one million mark by the end of the month. They will be the first club team to do so, although three corporate teams (SGI, Sun, and Compaq) have already done so.

Looking at daily units submitted (on Dave's SETI Stats), it seems the SETI server was down all day Tuesday (5/16) as well as parts of the 13th, 14th, and 17th. Because of this, most teams have much lower average units per day than usual.

Team 6100, the slowest part of Team Mac Observer (it's only for unaccelerated Power Mac 6100s) has grown to six members. We've already completed 15 units and are averaging about 72 hours per unit. That means each computer can do about 2.3 units per week, assuming they are running SETI@home full time (mine is). It's not a huge contribution to the effort, but does add about 2 units per day.

We're now color coding changes: red text for hot teams that have climbed in the standings, blue for those that have cooled and dropped in the standings. There are three places where teams have swapped positions in the standings over the past week.

Key tools in this anaysis are the SETI@home team statistics page, the SETI Checker program (which visually graphs recent weeks for team performance), and Dave's Stats, which cover the whole SETI@home project, as well as the team he's part of, The Knights Who Say Ni!

In the following analysis, data in the second column comes from the SETI statistics page. Information in the third column comes from my analysis and Dave's Stats, which is my source for the average recent work units per day. Note that this is a volatile figure which can change a fair bit from day to day, especially as members join or leave a team and bring their work units with them.

You can also view weekly reports from April 14, April 21, April 28, May 5, and May 12.

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1. Team Art Bell. The undisputed leader among club teams, Lamb Chop should overtake them this summer.

977,787 units
12,545 members
2,955 years
avg. 26:28
+6,270 units
-1 member
Avg. 895 units per day

2. Team Ars Technica Lamb Chop has the second best average time per unit among the Top 25. They are gaining on Team Art Bell and should overtake them this summer.

846,850 units
2,257 members
1,259 years
avg. 13:01
+39,872 units
+80 members
Avg. 5,696 units per day

3. Team MacAddict is the top Mac team, but they are not crunching enough units to climb in the standings.

715,572 units
3,625 members
1,189 years
avg. 14:33
+17,156 units
+27 members
Avg. 2,450 units per day

4. The Knights Who Say Ni! are moving up in the standings - they were 9 in late March and 6 last week. They should reach 3 by the end of the year.

450,016 units
561 members
648 years
avg. 12:37
+39,529 units
+14 members
Avg. 2,280 units per day

5. The Planetary Society overtook Team Slashdot as they were being passed by The Knights Who Say Ni!

378,522 units
1,109 members
803 years
avg. 18:34
+18,297 units
+6 members
Avg. 1,306 units per day

6. Team Slashdot has dropped to sixth after being overtaken by The Planetary Society and The Knights Who Say Ni!

364,569 units
2,121 members
734 years
avg. 17:38
+4,948 units
+3 members
Avg. 706 units per day

7. SETI.Germany has a pretty firm hold on 7th place for now. They could pass Team Slashdot this summer.

321,971 units
1,238 members
567 years
avg. 15:00
+9,128 units
+17 members
Avg. 1,304 units per day

8. O'Grady's Go2Mac.com Team is the second highest Mac team and not expected to rise in the standings.

282,479 units
1,209 members
535 years
avg. 16:35
+2,333 units
-2 members
Avg. 333 units per day

9. Canada lost a lot of work units this week, but remains at 9. Dave's stats project them passing O'Grady's team in July.

241,840 units
920 members
516 years
avg. 18:42
+3,952 units
+9 members
Avg. 564 units per day

10. Rounding out the Top 10 is Linux, which had a great week but generally has more lackluster performance. Expect the Dutch to pass them in a couple weeks.

237,825 units
419 members
401 years
avg. 14:46
+15,697 units
+9 members
Avg. 1,242 units per day

11. The real climbers continue to be SETI@Netherlands, which advanced past OS/2 Warp and the Swiss this week. Dave's stats incdicate they should pass the Linux team by the end of the month.

209,825 units
745 members
357 years
avg. 14 :55
+17,684 units
+23 members
Avg. 2,526 units per day

12. SETI Switzerland dropped a step and won't catch the Dutch, but they should eventually pass the Linux team.

201,151 units
365 members
328 years
avg. 14:18
+6,641 units
+5 members
Avg. 948 units per day

13. OS/2 Warp isn't dead, but they aren't climibing in the standings, either. They are averaging just under 20 hours per unit, the second slowest among the Top 15 club teams.

196,397 units
596 users
439 years
avg. 19:34
+3,038 units
+1 member
Avg. 434 units per day

14. Team NIPPON passed Team User Friendly, but were themselves passed by SETI@Netherlands. They are gaining on the OS/2 Warp team.

172,019 units
559 members
283 years
avg. 14:24
+4,346 units
+1 member
avg. 620 units per day

15. Team User Friendly, composed of fans of the comic strip, has the slowest average time among the Top 15. They are expected to slowly drop in the standings.

164,115 units
819 members
371 years
avg. 19:39
+1,291 units
-3 members
avg. 184 units per day

16. Team Mac Observer is hot. They moves up two notches this week, passing SETI@Home Poland and FreeBSD. They should catch Team User Friendly in early June.

155,000 units
640 members
270 years
avg. 15:15
+6,316 units
+13 members
Avg. 902 units per day

17. FreeBSD had a large infusion of work units on Thursday and moved up to 16. They may pass Team User Friendly in June.

152,781 units
303 members
266 years
avg. 15:15
+2,058 units
+2 members
Avg. 294 units per day

18. SETI@Home Poland was passed by the FreeBSD team on Thursday and seems destined to slowly fall in the standings.

148,785 units
317 members
262 years
avg. 15:04
+3,351 units
+4 members
Avg. 478 units per day

19. Team Lockergnome has the slowest average time in the Top 20.

147,873 units
1,311 members
393 years
avg. 22:53
+2,537 units
no new members
Avg. 362 units per day

20. Team BeOS rounds out the Top 20.

136,083 units
627 members
246 years
avg. 15:50
+2,171 units
+5 members
Avg. 310 units per day

Just below the Top 20 we have:

21. Yahoo SETI Club Team does not appear to be a threat to any team in the Top 20.

119,083 units
287 members
230 years
avg. 16:56
+1,923 units
no new members
Avg. 274 units per day

22. The Amateur Radio Operators team should pass the Yahoo SETI Club, probably in June.

115,360 units
284 members
264 years
avg. 20:01
+2,680 units
+3 members
avg. 382 units per day
23. Team AnandTech passed by Quebec to move up a step. They appear destined to pass the Yahoo and Amateur Radio teams in the near future.
114,727 units
307 members
174 years
avg. 13:26
+5,359 units
+5 members
avg. 765 units per day

24. Quebec seems stuck at 23 until the Matrox Users pass them.

113,204 units
397 members
230 years
avg. 17:48
+2,889 units
+6 members
avg. 412 units per day

25. Matrox Users should remain at about 25 in the short term, eventually passing Quebec and the Amateur Radio Operators.

112,728 units
443 members
168 years
avg. 13:03
+6,103 units
+16 members
avg. 872 units per day

This week, nothing below the Top 25 looks to be moving into the Top 20 in the near future.

Possible future contenders for Top 25 spots:

  • Hardware Central is currently at 45 and averageing 3,433 units per day. Dave projects them at 16 within a month, but they are only two weeks old, so the numbers are high due to a lot of new members. However, they should climb rapidly until they hit about 20th place.
  • Cassieopeia Seti Group, 32 and averaging 2,092 units per day, is only three weeks old and really crunching work units. Daves stats have them reaching 21 in mid-June, but it's hard to predict how a new team will fare in the long run. If they maintain their high average, they will be serious competition.
  • Forum Hardware.FR Team, 39 with an average of 1,442 units per day, will reach 28, according to Dave's stats. Again, the team is only three weeks old, so their average units per day will probably settle somewhat. Still, they are climbing rapidly.

With new teams is a question of momentum: can they follow through on the initial buildup. Most of the time the answer is no.

That's how the top team standings look this week on the SETI@home club team page. Come back next Friday for another update. (And if you'd like to join a team, I'd like to see you join Team Mac Observer.) LEM

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