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Umax acquired the Macintosh clone operation and SuperMac name from Radius, going on to become one of the more innovative cloners. Their corporate goal was to make quality Mac OS computers at prices that would give PCs a run for their money, something I believe they succeeded at.

From the entry level C500 to the professional single- and dual-processor S900, Umax offered a comprehensive range of Maclones. They also introduced the first PowerPC model with an inline cache, their Cache Doubler design.


The version of FWB Hard Disk Toolkit that shipped with most SuperMacs is not compatible with Mac OS 8 or later.

If you have a J700 or S900 and wish to use Mac OS 8.0 or 8.1, you must use version HDT 2.0.6 or later* on the internal hard drive, available on the Umax software updates page (sorry, dead link). Be sure to install the new drivers on your hard drive before you run the OS 8 installer. Also, you must be sure that you do not update the driver on your hard drive during OS 8 installation. Using an older version of FWB HDT or the Apple driver on the SCSI drive that came with the SuperMac may so botch the hard drive structure that you will need to reformat it and reinstall everything. (As always, you should do a full backup before installing new drivers or updating your operating system.)

If you have a Umax C500 or C600, you should use the version of Drive Setup that ships with the System 8.0 or 8.1 disk, or the one that comes as part of the Mac OS 8.5.1 update. This is part of the normal system installation or update.

* If you are upgrading to Mac OS 8.5.1 or later, your hard drive is probably supported by the version of Drive Setup that comes with the installer. If Drive Setup 1.6.2 or later will work with your hard drive, use it. (And a big thanks to Apple for adding compatibility to over 90% of the drives on the market.)

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