500 MHz iMac G3

The iMac first achieved 500 MHz in mid 2000, and the last 500 MHz iMac was introduced in mid 2001. The summer 2000 500 MHz iMac (also known as the 500 MHz iMac DV Special Edition) includes a 4x DVD-ROM drive, a 30 GB hard drive, 128 MB of RAM (expandable to 1 GB), and Rage Pro […]

iMac DV SE (Summer 2000)

The new iMac DV Special Edition, available in Graphite or Snow, increased speed from 400 MHz on the original DV SE to 500 MHz and boosted the hard drive from 13 GB to 30 GB – all without increasing the price. The 2000 iMac DV Special Edition ships with the Apple Pro Mouse and Apple […]