The Legendary DayStar Turbo 040 Hot Rods 68030 Macs

One of the most widely used and well known Macintosh upgrades of the 680×0 era is the venerable DayStar Digital Turbo 040. Later versions of this card have 128 KB onboard cache memory, while older ones have a socket to accept a cache upgrade. 25, 33, and 40 MHz versions were created, and the slower […]

DayStar Turbo 040 Processor Upgrade

If you want to get a real jump on performance, but you don’t want to have to buy new PowerPC ready applications, then the Turbo 040 is for you. Unlike a Power Macintosh, DayStar’s Turbo 040 radically accelerates all your current software and doesn’t require the purchase of new PowerPC versions of your applications. And […]

Radius Rocket and Stage II Rocket

The Radius Rocket was more than just another Macintosh accelerator* – it was essentially a 68040-based Mac on a NuBus card. With RocketShare, it is possible to put multiple Rockets in a NuBus Macintosh, each Rocket running its own copy of the Mac OS and handling its own set of tasks – or sharing a distributed […]