System 7.5.5 Can Do Anything Mac OS 7.6.1 Can

Here at Restorations HQ, we really like System 7.5.5. It has the right balance of vintage feel, hardware compatibility, and modern data exchange capabilities. It runs on almost everything* from the Mac Plus to the Power Mac 9500/180MP, a range that includes most of the models we’re interested in – and it’s free.

The Legendary DayStar Turbo 040 Hot Rods 68030 Macs

One of the most widely used and well known Macintosh upgrades of the 680×0 era is the venerable DayStar Digital Turbo 040. Later versions of this card have 128 KB onboard cache memory, while older ones have a socket to accept a cache upgrade. 25, 33, and 40 MHz versions were created, and the slower […]