x86? Apple Has Other Plans!

2002 – Aren’t you sick to death of everyone on the other platform telling us how Apple has to adopt “x86” (i.e., the same Intel and AMD processors used for Windows and most Linux boxes) to survive? I know I am.

Radius Rocket II in a Mac II

David Emmons reports: A Radius Rocket only works on a Mac with full size NuBus slots, and is running at least System 7 but no system later then 7.1 (I use 7.1.3, which has the scriptable Finder). It is ideal for a Mac II or IIx/cx whose processors are barely usable with todays software (though I […]

Radius Rocket and Stage II Rocket

The Radius Rocket was more than just another Macintosh accelerator* – it was essentially a 68040-based Mac on a NuBus card. With RocketShare, it is possible to put multiple Rockets in a NuBus Macintosh, each Rocket running its own copy of the Mac OS and handling its own set of tasks – or sharing a distributed […]