Low End Mac Cutting Off Newer Gear

Since the whole concept of Low End Mac is getting the most out of your Mac through memory updates, bigger hard drives, SSDs, and the like, the website will begin to phase out its coverage of Macs and other Apple devices – notably iPhones and iPads – that cannot be upgraded.

The Round Mouse That Could Have Been

Life was simple when the iMac came in only one color, Bondi blue. The computer, keyboard, and mouse were all trimmed in Bondi blue and looked great together. Third party manufacturers could come close enough to Apple’s color to look good as well. And then Apple changed everything with Macs in different colors.

About The Rumor Mill

Okay, for those of you unsure about The Rumor Mill, here’s the lowdown: it’s a farce. There are no contacts at Apple Computer. There are no leaks from anyone reaching us. There is no Anne Onymus.

Apple iCar Coming This Summer

The long rumored Apple iCar is just around the corner, scheduled to be announced at an Apple media conference at 2 PM PDT on April 1, 2015 in San Francisco. It is expected to be available sometime this summer as a 2016 model.

Driver Cell Phone Ban Only the Beginning

Unless you live in a cave or on a desert island with no Internet, no TV, and no radio, you’ve probably heard that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling for a nationwide ban on mobile phone use while driving – even when used hands-free.

Buffalo Mouse Runs with Rumor Mill Concept

Buffalo Japan has introduced a brand new USB mouse that looks and works a lot like an iPod with a tail. Seriously, Buffalo’s new scrollwheel mouse has a round control pad that looks just like the ones you’ll find on the iPod nano and iPod classic.

Sudden Impact: Apple’s Great Asteroid Hoax

If you’ve been following the legal ruckus surrounding Apple’s “Asteroid leak” case, you know what happened: Someone leaked details of Asteroid, a breakout box for use with GarageBand, and some websites published the info. Apple then subpoenaed their email records to discover the identity of the leaker, and the websites went to court to protect […]

Apple’s Top Secret ‘Project Comet’ Unveiled

2005 – While Apple is busy suing AppleInsider and others over leaks regarding their “Asteroid” project, our unusually reliable source – an illegal immigrant subcontracted to clean Apple’s research labs when she couldn’t get the same kind of work at Walmart – has helped The Rumor Mill scoop all the legitimate rumor sites.

iPod Sport, the SUV of Digital Music Players

2004 – In the old days of MacWeek, Apple used to send up “trial balloons” to see how the market might respond to a new product. Today we have websites that exist only because of Mac rumors, and they’ve been at the forefront of the “flash iPod” craze.

Apple’s New Click Wheel Mouse

2004 – If our usually reliable sources are to be believed, Steve Jobs has finally relented. After the stunning success of the iPod, Jobs now agrees that users may be able to handle more than a single button on a mouse.

eMac II Brings Apple to the Gates of Dell

2003 – Just when you thought it was safe to recommend an eMac, Apple thows another wrench into the works, the eMac II, or so our anonymous janitor at One Infinite Loop leads us to believe based on reconstructions of shredded documents and late night visits to the design labs while in a drunken stupor.

Apple G5 Upgrades: No Mac Left Behind

Apple is dead serious about wanting all Mac users to migrate to OS X – so serious that they’ve developed the “No Mac Left Behind” program to make it easier for those with older, underpowered Macs to make the switch to OS X 10.3 Panther and the forthcoming G5.

The Lowdown on the 15″ AlBook

2003 – It’s been over a month since Apple surprised us all with 12″ and 17″ PowerBooks, their smallest and largest laptops ever. (The Mac Portable still takes the cake for heaviest at nearly 16 pounds!)