My Subsequent Adventure with Apple’s 17-Year Retail Venture

Apple, Inc. opened its first two retail store locations 17 years ago – in May 2001 – in McLane, Virginia and Glendale, California. A year later, in 2002, my local store, Apple Bay Street in Emeryville, Calif. was opening its doors for the very first time. Let’s take a look back at the Apple Store […]

Not Franchising Apple Stores

McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and a host of other businesses successfully sell franchises around the country – and sometimes around the world. Last week John Scheeser proposed Apple do the same thing with its retail store in an article published on The Mac Mind.

The Apple Store

1999: Have you heard that Gateway now sells as much equipment through its storefronts as it does via phone, mail, and online orders? Talk of the Web for the past week has been that Apple should do the same thing. After all, they have very little control over CompUSA and Sears, let alone the hundreds […]