Interview with Alexander Clauss, iCab’s Creator

2011 – Alexander Clauss is the developer of iCab, an alternative web browser from Germany. iCab has been around since 1999 and is available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Since Alexander still supports low-end Macs with his upcoming version 4.9 of iCab (now in beta), we decided to ask him some questions.

10 Mac Browsers Compared

This article aims to show which Mac browsers are best, in terms of stability, speed, general features, and compatibility. This article was superceded by 11 Mac Browsers Compared on 2008.09.03.

2 Browsers, an Email Client, and a 68k Mac

2005 – Much has been made in recent weeks about the dearth of acceptable Web solutions for legacy Macs. To some extent, I agree with the position taken suggesting older Macs are in fact limited by their software in an increasingly connected, global community.

iCab Preview 1.7: The Best iCab Yet

1999: Now that I’ve been using the latest v1.7 preview build of the German iCab browser for several days, I’m happy to report that it is definitely more stable on my computer than its predecessor, v1.6a, was – and I can’t overemphasize how much more convenient I’m finding the new Save As Text function, which […]

iCab, Pro and Con

1999: There’s a lot to like about iCab, the Mac-only browser from Germany – but is it good enough to replace Netscape or Internet Explorer?