Xserve G4 (Early 2003)

Nine months after introducing the Xserve as a 1 GHz server, Apple bumped performance with one or two 1.33 GHz processors, a 167 MHz system bus, and Ultra ATA/133 support. The Early 2003 Xserve also includes FireWire 800 ports.

Waiting for a Real Speed Bump

2003: New iMacs and eMacs were released yesterday and were greeted with less than effusive praise. “Yawn,” seemed to be the general response, even from the usually zealous Mac press. The real excitement seemed to center around the price drops and improved options instead of the iMac speed bump.

17″ iMac G4 (Early 2003)

The first iMac to reach 1 GHz, the 17″ G4 iMac has a wide aspect ratio “cinema” type screen and displays 1440 by 900 pixels – just perfect for DVDs. Other improvements over the old 800 MHz model include a slot for an 802.11g AirPort Extreme card, space for internal Bluetooth, 64 MB of video […]