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Predictions for the Macworld Expo

- 2003.01.03

It's after midnight, so it must be time for me to write something. What was it? Oh yeah, it's the one-time-only annual Lite Side guide to

Predictions for the Macworld Expo

10. iMood, the mood sensing iMac: black = turn off the AC, blue = must be running OS 9, green = stop sitting on my CPU, red = take me out of the microwave

9. New Apple cloaking device renders any Mac invisible when installed in a corporate environment.

8. New motherboard for DP towers - same chips, mind you, but a newly designed motherboard "just for the halibut."

7. New ergonomic design removes the mouse entirely, making the one vs. two button argument obsolete.

6. An exasperated Steve Jobs puts an iBook on the palm of his hand and declares, "You want a handheld device? I got your handheld device right here."

5. Apple adds retractable cup holder to Wind Tunnel G4 - and people keep jamming CDs into it

4. Detachable flat panels. That's right, two of 'em

3. iClock, an Apple-branded wall clock

2. Apple logo to be used on new California quarter

1. Jobs brings back 20th Anniversary Mac; looks suspiciously like a Powerbook in a plate stand

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