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Code Names Beyond Panther

- 2003.04.08

It's been long predicted that Apple would follow a cat-naming strategy for future releases of its operating system

but while speculation on the normal sites runs rampant about features contained in OS X 10.3, "Panther," we here at the Lite Side are looking at our old notes and updating them for a brand new (but predigested)

Future Mac OS Code Name List

10.4: Tabby (accompanies first bug-free version of Safari tabbed browsing)

10.5: Lion (ad campaign: We're not just lion around)

10.6: Tiger (Disney-Apple merger fails on Jobs' refusal to license "Tigger")

10.7: Bear Siamese

10.8: Sabretooth ("Looks sharp," says Jobs)

10.9: Kzinti (ads are like "Cats" on Broadway, except they're Klingons)

10.9.1: Cheetah (the cheesiest Mac ever)

10.9.2: Cougar (needs a new muffler for loud exhaust)

10.9.3: Lynx (easy to connect)

10.9.4: CAT (bright yellow box)

10.9.5: Puma (What's the difference between a Puma and a Panther? Anyone?)

10.9.6: Hello Kitty (small white Japanese toy inspires new iMac design)

10.9.7: Bobcat (small, but powerful)

10.9.8: Manx (very small, but prone to power overloads)

10.9.9: Burmese (traces its orgins all the way back to System 6) Oh Fer Cryin' Out Loud, Just Go with a Bird Metaphor or Something

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