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Mac Evangelistas: Not Dead Yet

- 2003.12.10

In the days of yore, Apple Evangelistas used to be people who would send crippling amounts of email (that was maybe 10 or 20 emails in 1995) to people who wrote negative things about Our Beloved Platform. The Wrath of Guy descended upon anyone who presented an unbalanced view of the computing world, and everyone knew their place in the world. You were either Fer Us or Agin Us - with no gray area between.

These days, however, we're seeing signs that the Evangelista as such may be fading from the general computer user's lexicon. This may be due to the growing maturity of the Apple camp, or because of the disintegration of the once-mighty Evangelist into the strange-but-true mess that Shane Anderson finds himself the focal point of; but it is more likely because there is less and less to defend. Apple's newfound musical success is driving its performances on a stage larger than operating system preference, and while they've historically paid little attention to those sites that helped them through the Dark Times, Apple has even started shipping iTunes for Windows (fer cryin' out loud).

These are dangerous times, because grassroots support is needed more than ever. Gather round your MUGS and raise a cold one to those lonely diehards who still Fight the Good Fight,™ maintaining creative and competitive diversity so the DNA of computing doesn't become stagnant.

That said, the Lite Side is proud and honored to present

Why We Still Need To Fight the Good Fight

10. The Mac Observer's Death Knell Counter Keeps on Ticking

9. Rob Enderle Continues to Raise Himself from the Grave Each Day

8. Superintendendos of Education Keep Getting Bad Advice

7. The Future of Computing Is at Stake

6. Somebody Needs to Write a Press Release About This Guy and Post It Everywhere

5. Apple's Advertising Never Really Addresses Popular Anti-Mac Mythology . . . except on their website.

4. Microsoft Still Owns All the Properties Except Kentucky Avenue

3. Someone Needs to Innovate so Apple Has Someone to Emulate
Apple, we love ya, but sometimes, sometimes, you get on our nerves. The Mac Web isn't quite as blinded by the Reality Distortion Field as people think it is. Isn't that as much of the Good Fight as opposing the Dark Side?

2. Someone Needs to Innovate so Microsoft Has Someone to Emulate

1. The Mac is still a better platform than the PC! It doesn't deserve a fade into obscurity.

So don't give up the Good Fight. We need you!

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