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Jobs Defends Apple's Use of M&Ms in 'Taste and Feel' Suit

- 2004.03.03

CUPAJAVA, CA: Confectioner M&M sued Apple Computer recently over unauthorized removal of green-colored M&Ms in the corporate welcome candy dish at Apple headquarters. Apple CEO Steve Jobs explained his point of view about the M&M lawsuit today.

"We asked for permission, but when they didn't give it, I gave M&M a call," said Jobs. "I told him I like the green ones best, so my team of screeners takes all the green ones out and give them to me prior to Macworld keynotes. He didn't seem to appreciate that I was familiar with his product or used it regularly."

A spokesman for M&M, Ian T. Blue, said that M&M never gave Apple permission to remove all the green M&M's in the bag, so the lawsuit will proceed.

Jobs said he would not worry about the lawsuit, as all he had to do was cite precedent related to Microsoft's unauthorized use of Apple's user interface design.

"We were uh, copying the taste and feel based on designs related to, uh, Reeses Pieces," he in an interview on Good Morning America. "We paid for the privilege, by the way, by giving free Web hosting for the re-release of E.T. on the QuickTime movie trailer site."

Fans of M&M were mystified by the whole thing as they remained stunned by the incredibly lame black and white "Willie Wonka" find-the-magic-candy bar-like advertising campaign recently eliminating all green M&Ms (as well as all other bright colors) from the U.S. market.

Folk singer Eminem, in an unrelated development, has dyed his hair green in an attempt to increase his sex appeal among middle aged women with plenty of money but not enough time to learn how to download his songs for free on the Internet, his only growing market as CD sales decline.

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