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The Lite Side's ABC Link List Primer

- 2006.11.14

Remember how you used to learn your ABCs in a primer that had cute little pictures of giraffes and xylophones? Kids today are so much more sophisticated, and they spend a lot of time on the Net. So I thought it would be apropos to create an ABC list for the current day, composed of only websites.

To make the game interesting, I followed these (made-up and arbitrary) rules:

  1. The web site must be in my current bookmarks or cache.
  2. Of all the sites listed in my computer, I'll pick the most frequently visited first, or if they're all pretty rarely visited, the most interesting.

Not only will you get your ABCs, but you'll get a little insight into Your Humble Author.

I've always wanted to start a viral thing on the web, and maybe this will be it. Everyone should have an ABC link list that is used to get to know you a little better. C'mon, it's

The Lite Side's ABC Link List Primer

- and it's fun!

A is for AstronomyTeacher:

B is for Boinx:

C is for Chabot:

D is for Digg:

E is for ESPACE:

F is for Fark: (some ads maybe not safe for work)

G is for Google:

H is for Hands on Universe:

I is for IPAC:

J is for JPL:

K is for Kentucky:

L is for Low End Mac:

M is for MacSurfer:

N is for Newshounds:

O is for Obscure Store:

P is for Physics Central:

Q is for Qrbit:

R is for Rotten Tomatoes:

S is for SF Gate:

T is for TrekToday:

U is for the University of California, Office of the President:

V is for Vendian:

W is for Wil Wheaton:

X is for Xkeys:

Y is for You Are Go:

Z is for Zipinfo:

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