Year 2000 Issues

I'm sure you've heard the doom and gloom about the millennium bug: computers, ATMs, and a host of other technological marvels (including your VCR?) won't know what to do on 1/1/2000 - or maybe haven't a clue that 29 February 2000 is a real date.

Amazing then to find some schools still investing in computers running Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 4, two operating systems that are not fully year 2000 compliant. Maybe they don't realize that the bug strikes in 17 months.

Every Macintosh ever made is year 2000 compliant. The most ancient can handle dates for another 20 years, by which time they'll pretty well be obsolete. Power Macs can handle dates 28 centuries into the future.

Yet some schools want to move out the Macs, replacing them with Windows machines running versions of Windows that are not ready for 1/1/2000.

Curiously, these school intend to keep buying such systems for the next five or six years, as long as it takes to replace all their old Apple hardware.

You'd think they'd choose a year 2000 compliant solution in 1998, but it seems someone was not thinking clearly in electing to move from compliant Macs to less than fully compliant versions of Windows.

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