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Charles Moore - 2002.01.09 - Tip Jar

Bible Software

From Daniel Scott Mascione:

Mr. Moore,

I rarely take the time to send comments to an individual website regarding its contents, but I wanted to extend a personal thank you for your summary of Bible software available for the Mac. I have been searching for a information on the availability of this kind of software and appreciate the time you have taken to provide the great amount of information in one place that you have. Again, thank you, keep up the good work.


Hi Dan,

Delighted to have been of service. One thing computers do extremely well is to search and retrieve information. I find having this sort of software on my hard drive extremely useful.



From J.S. Oxendine:

Dear Charles,

The article on Bible software was unexpected only because I had not thought of Low End Mac as the sort of place where that information would be "appreciated." I hope that doesn't offend anyone (if so, I'm sorry!), but the amount of information provided indicates that you spend some time in this area personally.

I was struck by the statement you made regarding the ASV, since very few people are aware of the integrity of that translation (and the fact that it has no major publisher). Your comparison with the KJV caused me to wonder why those two are your favorites (please describe what "traditionalist" means) and to ask if you have used the NKJV?

I have the distinct impression that you are a minister or Bible class teacher (if not, do not be embarrassed). Just some thoughts from one who has written in the past, and found this column "refreshing".

J.S. Oxendine


No offense taken. ;-) Actually, several Low End Mac writers are serious Christians, so appreciate this sort of software.

Yes, I use the NKJV too. In fact, I have a copy right here that I keep next to the computer. It's a good study translation and has been approved by the Eastern Orthodox Church as an English language translation, which speaks well of its adherence to the Greek. However, I do love the majestic cadences of the KJV, which resonate through English language and culture.

I ran across a copy of the ASV morocco bound with concordance in a Bible bookstore in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, back in 1973, for $5, if I recall correctly. Still have it and use it regularly. I find the "Jehovah" usage a bit tiresome, but otherwise it's a good translation too.

I'm a layman, but I'm the moderator of the TTMBOForum, a pan-denominational email forum loosely themed on Christian unity but addressing a wide variety of faith and doctrinal issues. We are halfway through our fourth year and have members on five continents, including lay people and clergy as well as a number of academics from over a dozen denominations.

As for "traditionalist," check out Charles The Right? - It Is Indeed So, Matthew on MacOpinion.


Mac Bible Software

From Gary Harrison:


Thanks for doing my work for me! I've been meaning do dig around a bit and find what's available for the Mac in Bible software, and you've helped a great deal! I work in supporting and training pastors and key lay leaders, and am often asked what's available. I'll be referring them to your Web page. Thanks, too, for your other work; I've always enjoyed reading your comments and assessment.

Blessings on you during this holiday season,

Gary Harrison
Pinnacle Ministries, Inc.

Hi Gary,

It's great to know that the article is proving helpful.

Thanks for your kind words.


Re: Bible Software for Macs and Palms

From Greg Meece:

Thanks for the review. My wife and I were just discussing whether to invest in Bible Study Software.

I was looking at the Accordance software, but a friend had also recommended the Online Bible. We currently have the Laridian software on our Palm (Visor) devices.

Thanks again,
Greg Meece
Senior Software Test Engineer

Hi Greg,

Glad the article was helpful.

Both are good products.


Bible Software on Mac

From Richard Gonzalez:


I say your review of Mac Bible software on Low End Mac. Thanks - I was not familiar with several of the packages (I have used Online Bible for several years). You may be interested in knowing that the author of Laridian's "MyBible" software (David Fedor) once worked at Apple on the Newton and was also responsible for producing "The Message" Bible software for Newton. I used it for several years on my Emate 300 (still the best note taking machine ever made - they should have marketed them to college students instead of elementary schools).

The Message is free and available at <>.


Thanks, Richard,

I don't have a Newton or eMate, but perhaps there will be some readers for whom this will be helpful information.


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Charles Moore has been a freelance journalist since 1987 and began writing for Mac websites in May 1998. His The Road Warrior column was a regular feature on MacOpinion, he is news editor at and a columnist at If you find his articles helpful, please consider making a donation to his tip jar.

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