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Charles Moore's Mailbag

A Few More Thoughts on the Sleep of Death

Charles Moore - 2002.07.10 - Tip Jar

A few more letters in response to "Sleep of Death" a hardware-specific OS 9.2 bug?, More on the OS 9.x "Sleep of Death" bug, and "Sleep of Death" discussion continues.

Sleep of Death update

From Cedric Sullivan

Hi again,

I just wanted to update my situation. I have now experienced the sleep of death in 10.1.5. After a forced restart, I experienced a bunch of problems. Programs were quitting unexpectantly - sometimes reported, sometimes not. I developed a really bad problem with windows when they were dragged (note: I have window buffer compression enabled). Something else to note, window minimizing wasn't smooth at one point. Windows would jump from full sized to minimized in one step (perhaps some took two or three in a few seconds time) and vice versa for the reverse. My keyboard stopped working in some programs as well. In the second example, I gave the window a real shaking. It appears to pick up the background windows and desktop as well as parts of the window itself. The mouse pointer also got a bit scrambled/noisy-square.

My System Preferences app froze up on starting it up. This was not too long after a startup! Anyway, I ran fsck; it found errors and fixed them. I'd previously used TechTool Pro to rebuild the directory. It reported some unusual changes, but I'd accepted them.

Right now my iBook is running fine.


Won't wake up on earlier system

From Joel Anderson

Most of the writing about the "Sleep O' Death" seems to say OS 9.2 or later. I've experienced it on 9.0.4 after reformatting the internal hard drive of the culprit (iMac DV) for other reasons. I haven't had another problem, yet. (two months) Knock on wood.


Sleep of Death and Mac OS X

From Jimmy James Champlin


I've had it happen with OS X as well. On an iMac (summer 2001) 500 and a blue G3/400, versions through 10.1.2 wouldn't wake from sleep when Network Time was enabled. 10.1.3 and later don't have the problem. Interesting to note that Mac OS 9.1 and 9.2.x will work properly with network time enabled.

I've also had it happen on a 1400 running 8.6 and 9.1 without network time enabled.


Sleep of Death, possible solution

From Alvin Chan

I had that before, but now it's good. I never turn off the iMac anymore, and the problem went away when I set it to 20 minutes. The system sleep is disabled (so it is still connected to the Internet), but the video and hard drive are set to 20 minutes before it sleeps. 20 min was Apple's default. It's gone now and boots all the time =)

God bless,

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