Macintosh 12″ RGB Display

The Macintosh 12″ RGB Display was Apple’s first lower-cost color display for the Macintosh. It was introduced with the Mac LC in October 1999 to make Apple’s first low-cost color Mac system more affordable

Macintosh LCThis display has a fixed resolution of 512 x 384 and uses Apple’s DA-15 video connector (not to be confused with the smaller, higher density DE-15 VGA video connector). It was the only Apple display with this resolution for Macs.

The power and degauss buttons are on the back of the monitor; the brightness and contrast controls are on the right side. The monitor can sit on top of most desktop Macs and is perfectly matched to the width of the LC “pizza box” family (above) and the IIsi.

Apple recommends against using this monitor at maximum brightness and suggests using a screen saver to avoid phosphor burn caused by static elements on the screen, such as the menu bar, drive icon, and Trash. To clean the screen, Apple suggests applying household glass cleaner to a clean cloth or paper towel and wiping the screen. You should avoid spraying glass cleaner directly on the CRT, as it could run down the screen, into the case, and damage the internal electrical circuitry.

This 12″ 512 x 384 display is compatible with a limited number of Macs and video cards.



  • introduced 1989.10.15 at US$599; discontinued 1993.03.01
  • tube size: 12″
  • viewable size: 11.5″
  • tube type: shadow mask
  • warmup: 20 minutes for complete warmup, usable immediately
  • pixels: 512 x 384
  • bit depth: supports up to 24-bit color
  • display area: 9.25″ x 6.9″/235 x 176 mm
  • refresh: 60.15 Hz
  • resolution: 64 dpi
  • dot pitch: 0.28 mm
  • connection: DA-15
  • video cable: removable cable with DA-15 connectors on both ends
  • security: supports standard security lock
  • dimensions (H/W/D): 10.2″ x 12.2″ x 14.4″
  • weight: 24 lb./10.9 kg
  • power cable: standard computer power cable
  • AC power: 110V, 50-60 Hz
  • power draw: 90W, 0.75A
  • operating environment: 50° to 104°F/10° to 40°C, 0-90% humidity, less than 10,000’/3,000 m altitude
  • storage environment: -40° to 116°F/-40° to 47°C
  • tilt/swivel base: optional
  • part number: M0401

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