Power Mac 7600

The Power Mac 7600 is identical to the 7500 – except for the processor card. The 7500 shipped with a 100 MHz PowerPC 601 CPU; the 7600 with a 120 MHz or 132 MHz PPC 604 or a 200 MHz 604e.

Power Mac 8200

Essentially a Power Mac 7200 repackaged in Apple’s mini-tower case, the 8200 came in 100 and 120 MHz versions. Because the CPU is not on a daughter card, the only upgrade is replacing the motherboard with one from a Power Mac 8500 and adding a daughter card.

Performa 5260

The Performa 5260 was the third PowerPC (PPC) Mac with an integrated monitor, sharing the design of its predecessors, the 5200 and 5300. Although the PPC 603e CPU was superior to the older 601, the computer architecture kept performance of this 100-120 MHz model comparable to an 80 MHz Power Mac 7100.