Enter the iBook

1999 – Many people have tried to copy Apple’s idea of a cool translucent plastic space age looking computer. Well, now Apple’s done it themselves. Enter the iBook.

Mac Happens

blueberry iBookIf you love the cool looking iMac, this new portable computer is definitely for you. When you first look at it, you can see how different it looks. It is made in the same design as its desktop counterpart. However, unlike the iMac, it only weighs 6.7 pounds.

tangerine iBookAlso like it’s big sister, the iBook is a revolutionary computer. When you first look at it, you can tell it’s different by the colors alone (the iBook comes in blueberry and tangerine – yeah, tangerine). But when you take a look at the features, you can tell it has more.

This little speed demon is equipped with a 300 MHz G3 processor, and, according to Apple, it is the second-fastest notebook computer in the world. It’s only beaten by their Lombard PowerBook G3.

This little book comes with an all-star line up of software. It includes many of the titles that the iMac does, such as AOL, AppleWorks, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, EdView Internet Safety kit, World Book, Nanosaur, and others. But, it also comes with a few other titles. Now included with the iBook is Mac OS 8.6, Palm Software, and Bugdom, a new game made by the creators of Nanosaur.

But that’s not all: The iBook has the ability to send email through walls, go online without a phone jack, and cook dinner! Well, not the last one. With the introduction of the iBook, a new piece of equipment called AirPort is an option. This little wonder lets you plug its base station into a phone jack or ethernet network, and then beam the Internet to your iBook anywhere within a 150 foot range.

With the release of the ingenious new iBook, you can take the cuteness of the iMac on the road with you – and never have to lug around some boring old black charcoal box again.

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