The Ultimate Mac: 10 Things that Could Make the iMac a PC Killer

2000 – When I am converting Windows users or introducing new users to the computer for the first time, there are a number of conceptual hurdles that it takes repeated instruction to get across. These include problems with getting a disk out of the computer, distinguishing between the Finder and the dialogs in Open and […]

The World Wide Intercom

My occupation requires that I work in many parts of the world for extended periods of time. Due to this, I meet and associate with a very diverse cross-section of society. The one interest that transcends language, social status, and background is the vibrant desire to learn about computers and the Internet.

The Growing Microsoft Empire

2000: Microsoft to the rescue again! Corel, a company that has had its fair share of “beleaguered” articles, has been hauled from the brink by its most hated enemy, Microsoft.

Sold on Mac for 10 Years

2000 – I was sold on the Mac a few months earlier, after having taken introductory classes on both the PC and Mac at a local university. The PC class was interesting but very code driven. It was DOS 3.3 on those big old IBM 8088s with the green or amber screens.

Trade-offs for Mac OS X Beta

2000: I seem to be experiencing a bit of déjà vu lately in regards to Mac OS X Beta and everything that surrounds it. It reminds me of when Windows NT came out – everyone was trying to figure out what to make of it. While technically superior to Windows 95, there were many trade-offs […]

I Love My iBook, but I Miss My Mac SE

Ten years ago this month I started graduate school, and I was determined not to wait in line at the computer center or rely on the kindness of friends who had their own computers. I needed my own machine. I had used PCs at work, but a friend let me use his Mac Plus to […]

Bring Back Beige

2000: The buzz in building around Mac OS X. If early signs are any indication, OS X will be the hit Apple hopes it will be. A good indicator of the popularity of the new operating system is the demand from the Wintel side to have OS X ported to their hardware of choice. With […]

Mac Classic II Benchmarks

The Mac Classic II uses the same 16 MHz 68030 CPU and 16 MHz 68882 FPU as the SE/30, the model it replaced. The computer was tested with the same external drive used for Speedometer 3 on the SE/30; the internal hard drive was also benchmarked.

Mac Plus Benchmarks

The Mac Plus uses the same 8 MHz 68000 CPU found in the original Macintosh and the 512K Fat Mac. The attached hard drive is a 160 MB Quantum, and the computer has 4 MB of memory. Because it is an older design, the Plus is generally considered to be about 15% slower than the 8 […]

My First Mac Was the First Mac

In 1985, I bought a Macintosh 128K from a friend who couldn’t grasp the potential of this little miracle (let alone a tenuous brush with reality). It came with an ImageWriter I printer, no hard drive, just the internal 400K floppy, and a mouse! The keyboard had no numeric keypad, function keys, or anything, but […]

Blame the Cube?

2000: There’s no nice way to say it: Apple stock tanked on Friday. AAPL opened at $53.50 on Friday, dropped immediately below the $30 mark, and closed the day at $25.75.

Will Apple Stock Tank Again?

2000: In light of Apple’s recent stock surge,* I am seriously considering investing in Apple stock. It has made substantial (to put it mildly) gains in the last year and seems poised to go even further.