Writely, Google’s Free Word Processor: What’s the Catch?

I’d been away in New Hampshire with no Internet access, and I recently returned to the world of modern conveniences. One thing I noticed while I was offline was how much we depend on the Internet for access to many of the resources that we use on our Macs, such as games and photo management […]

A $25 iMac! It’s a Steal, but What to Do With It?

2006 – While browsing a local thrift shop the other day, I decided to take a look at the computer section. Not that I was expecting to find anything good, as most of what they tend to carry are 10-year-old PCs. Surprisingly, amidst 10-15 beige box PCs sat a single iMac – with a $25 price […]

10 of the Most Important Macs Ever

2006 – Over the past few years, I’ve been cutting back on some of the old Macs lying around the house. At one point I had an example of just about every Mac made until the late 1990s. As software is updated and time goes on, most of these computers become less and less useful […]

Newton: Too Much, Too Early?

Apple’s adventure into the PDA market was, shall we say, less than successful. Not that the Newton wasn’t a good product; it was just a little bit ahead of it’s time. PDAs started becoming popular in around 1998 with the Palm III.

The Mac and Windows Compatibility

2002 – One thing that has really been overlooked about the Mac is its excellent compatibility with Windows. While compatibility has long been a part of the Mac OS (including PC Exchange and DOS cards for Quadras and early Power Macs), in the past couple years it really has been ignored as a feature.

AOL 10.2 Preview Is Pretty Impressive

America Online started in 1985 as Quantum Computer Services, offering Q-Link, an online service with a graphical user interface for Commodores; it expanded to include Apples (AppleLink) and Macs in 1989, adding Tandy and other DOS PCs (PC-Link) in 1991.

Faster Internet Access for Mac Users

Internet access on the Mac has been getting a lot of bad reports, since it is slightly slower opening a page on the Mac than opening the same page on a PC. Choosing a good Internet connection is key to getting pages to load quickly on your Mac.

Toxic Computer Waste

One of the problems facing the computer industry today is the fact that so many computers are thrown out each day. You might think that when you toss your old 286, it’s gone for good. Think again – the world has probably not seen the last of your ancient PC.

‘It Can’t Happen Here’

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was truly a shocking event for everyone, whether they knew people working at these places or not. I guess we all thought that the U.S. was immune to terrorist attacks such as this. Hopefully the government will learn from this how to better protect […]

Quadra AVs and Some Cool Things You Can Do with Them

2001 – While on vacation in California, I ended up with a Quadra 840av with 8 MB RAM, a 230 MB hard drive, and no CD-ROM. Two weeks after I got home, I got another 840av, this one with 40 MB RAM, a 230 MB hard drive, and a CD-ROM. Since these machines are so […]

The Cube: Just What We Ordered?

2000 – With the introduction of the amazing new Apple Pro Keyboard (welcome back, full-sized keys) and the Apple Pro Mouse by Apple at Macworld New York, came something so new, so different, so amazing – the new Power Macintosh G4 Cube.

Options for ‘040s

2000 – Let’s look at some options for 68040 based computers. If you do not have one, I will discuss which model might be right for you.