The Story Behind Apple’s Newton

In the late 1980s, Apple appeared to be in the middle of a resurgence. John Sculley had forced out the volatile Steve Jobs in 1985, and a cadre of older, more experienced executives focused on building the Apple and Macintosh brands. The company was beginning to grow complacent, working to protect Macintosh revenues at the […]

Newton: Too Much, Too Early?

Apple’s adventure into the PDA market was, shall we say, less than successful. Not that the Newton wasn’t a good product; it was just a little bit ahead of it’s time. PDAs started becoming popular in around 1998 with the Palm III.

Hello, Newton

2001 – Apple (read: Steve Jobs) killed off the Newton on February 27, 1998. At least one company attempted to buy the Newton OS from Apple, only to be told that it was unavailable since Apple had future plans for it.

Newton Becomes History

“No Newton is good news.” “Apple kills the Newton.” “Life after Newton.” These are just a few of the headlines since Apple’s Feb. 27 announcement to discontinue the innovative but unprofitable handheld computers. Although it would have been nice if Apple could have sold the Newton division and its technology to someone else, the fact […]