Beyond Linux Apps: Mac on Linux

We’ve all heard it: Linux has no applications. Despite the availability of many professional desktop applications for Linux, such as Star Office and Corel WordPerfect Office, the rumour of the dearth of applications for Linux persists. In fact, it does have some truth in it, at least for users of nonstandard versions of Linux such […]

How a Colour Classic Became My Only Desktop Mac

2002 – It all started with the purchase of a refurbished iceBook three months ago. No longer would I have to retreat to my study to check my emails – instead I could sit in the lounge, keeping half an eye on the TV, and being part of the family at the same time. Other […]

14″ 700 MHz iBook G3 (Mid 2002)

Didn’t think 600 MHz was fast enough? The May 2002 14″ iBook runs at 700 MHz and has a 512 KB level 2 cache, twice as large as its 600 MHz Early 2002 ancestor. The new Mobility Radeon graphics is also up to 35% faster, according to Apple, and it also has twice as much […]

12″ iBook G3 (Mid 2002)

Apple improved the already popular Dual USB iBook by boosting CPU speed 100 MHz and using a newer version of the G3 with a twice-as-large 512 KB level 2 cache. The entry-level 600 MHz model has a CD-ROM drive, while the 700 MHz one includes Apple’s  Combo (CD-RW/DVD) drive. The new Mobility Radeon is up […]

Bring Out the GIMP

The Mac. Graphic Design. These phrases are practically inseparable. Before 1984 there was an entire career option missing, that of “Mac operator.” The next generation Unix OS, Mac OS X will no doubt cement Apple’s domination of the creative industries further with its improvements to the system such as the Acrobat-based Quartz display layer, preemptive multitasking, […]

Xserve G4 (Mid 2002)

After years of repackaging off-the-shelf Macs for use as servers, Apple introduced Xserve in May 2002 as its second attack on the server market – and the industry’s first 1U dual processor RISC server.

This Old Mac

We’re here at the workspace of John Quimble, a Mac SE/30 owner who is seeking to upgrade. The crew of This Old Mac is filming John’s renovation of his old computer into a new machine.

Why Linux Instead of OS X?

Anyone with an interest in computing – especially in Unix-based OSes – cannot have failed to notice the hype surrounding the release of Mac OS X. OS X is a whole new ball game in Macintosh computing. For many years Apple have been trying to find a suitable replacement for their sophisticated (but rapidly dated) Mac OS.

Toxic Computer Waste

One of the problems facing the computer industry today is the fact that so many computers are thrown out each day. You might think that when you toss your old 286, it’s gone for good. Think again – the world has probably not seen the last of your ancient PC.

Left Behind, the New Computer Game

2002: It’s a game we play – you, me, and Apple. Every once in a while, we all have to upgrade or replace our computers. Apple products are consistently great and always a good buy, but timing is the issue.