Original iPhone

Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone in January 2007, putting an end to years of rumors about Apple combining an iPod and a mobile phone.

MacBook Pro (Mid 2007)

The Mid 2007 MacBook Pro came in two sizes. Both use Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset and an 800 MHz system bus (up from 667 MHz). The 15″ was Apple’s first notebook with LED backlighting, and this was the first time Apple offered a 1920 x 1200 screen for the 17″ model.

15″ MacBook Pro (Mid 2007)

The 15″ MacBook Pro became Apple’s first notebook computer with LED backlighting when it was introduced on June 5, 2007. Other than that, the specs don’t seem much different than it’s predecessor.

System 7.5.5 Can Do Anything Mac OS 7.6.1 Can

Here at Restorations HQ, we really like System 7.5.5. It has the right balance of vintage feel, hardware compatibility, and modern data exchange capabilities. It runs on almost everything* from the Mac Plus to the Power Mac 9500/180MP, a range that includes most of the models we’re interested in – and it’s free.

17″ MacBook Pro (Mid 2007)

The June 2007 17″ MacBook Pro is the first Apple notebook to offer an even higher resolution 17″ display. If 1680 x 1050 isn’t enough for you, you can upgrade to a 1920 x 1200 screen for just US$100 more.